Energy hubs for the future

Accelerating clean energy and electric mobility through innovative energy storage solutions

MOJO was established to accelerate transition towards clean energy and electric mobility

MOJO partners with Businesses and Fleet operators to use energy in cleaner, more flexible and more efficient ways.

EV fast charging

Provide on-demand fast charging to your EV's without any complex infrastructure upgrades.

Energy optimization

AI to optimize your energy bills and operational expenses.

Business continuity

Provides immunity  towards power outages and ensures business continuity.

Renewable energy

Integrates with roof-top solar. Stores renewable energy when the sun is shining to use in morning, noon and night.

The Dilemma
EV Fast charging is critical but unviable

EV Fast charging is a critical factor towards mass scale EV adoption yet unviable anywhere in the world.

High infrastructure cost, high operational costs , low utilization and negative grid impact are critical barriers towards scaling up fast charging infrastructure globally.

MOJO with its unique "Energy Hub" model provides a sustainable and scalable alternative to existing solutions.

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Get ready for rising energy challenges

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